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NOA Enterprises Co., Ltd.

Managing a Continuing Tradition of Profitability over 30 Years



COMPANY ADDRESS: 209-1 Fushimi, Shimizu-cho, Suntoh-gun, Shizuoka, Japan 411-0907

ESTABLISHMENT: September 1980

CAPITAL STOCK: 90 million yen

MAIN PRODUCTS: Power strip, light sources and applied devices, electric heat devices, AC electric devices

TELEPHONE: +81-55-991-5500

FAX: +81-55-991-5203

E-MAIL: info@noatek.co.jp

URL: http://www.noatek.co.jp/ (Japanese) / http://www.noa.com.vn/ (English)

Challenging Sprit Bringing a Wide Variety of Products

Because of its successful product development strategy, NOA makes a wide variety of popular products.

NOA Enterprises Co., Ltd. sells its “NOATEK” brand electrical goods, such as electrical power strip, dressing table lighting accessories, lights, switches, sensors, and remote controllers nationwide. NOA takes great pride in holding Japan's top share of electrical plugs and the home furnishing lighting equipment market.

NOA's crucial strength lays in its ability to accurately read the needs from small retail shops and customers, develop new products faster than any of its competitors, and rush them into the market as quickly as possible.

NOA's principal product development concept is based around making compact and low-priced products, and with these objectives in mind the company is able to offer a wide range of convenient products to the consumer. On top of this NOA utilizes its own mix of creativity and originality to continuously give birth to new products so that the company has built a varied portfolio of consumer items.

Lastly, never fearing failure, NOA is a company that constantly pushes out its products one after another, while demonstrating a challenging sprit in both product development and in opening new markets.

Opening New Markets with Original Know-How

NOA pays great attention about how it will attack the market with new products and whom it is selling to. And when it does launch a product, it seriously considers how it displays its products at many retail outlets nationally. The reasoning behind this is that if a lot of people are able to come into contact with the products with their own eyes, they are able to recognize the real value of the product. This is the secret behind the making of a hit in the market. This is the fruit of many years of the company's building of its know-how in cultivating its sales and is the underlying, motive force behind the company's growth.

NOA is able to understand the consumer's perception of value, and it is able to offer its products at a price acceptable to the customer. These are the reasons why the company has never made a loss since it was established.

PR Its R&D Strength through Proposals to Customers

Strom Guard
Storm Guard (surge protector), one of NOA's biggest selling products.

One of NOA's biggest hits is its Storm Guard (surge protector). This is a product that protects electrical products from power surges after lightening hits power lines. The product became a big hit in the second half of the 1990s as PC sales accelerated. With perfect timing, NOA launched a large advertising campaign and production soared.

NOA has also simplified its distribution process in an era when wholesalers are being cut out of the distribution chain. Valuing its customer's, NOA offers its products directly to customers and the retailers that want them. How quickly a product is able to get to the customer can be the key to success or failure.

As one can see from the company's achievement, NOA regards its originality of product development, its ability to offer the appropriate product to the user, its breaking away from just being a subcontractor, and its independent management style as being primary reasons for the company's strengthening of its competitiveness.

The Social Contribution of Product Makers

NOA believes that as a manufacturer, the company should be of benefit to society. In 2000, NOA donated an internally developed set of cameras and image monitoring systems to Numazu City. This system was installed at the bicycle parking lot outside Numazu station's north exit, making a big contribution to crime prevention for the city. It is a great example of how business can make beneficial contributions to the local community.